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Customized-to-you, hand-welded permanent jewelry for everyday effortless elegance.

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Dainty Permanent Jewelry.

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Because we think you deserve a piece of jewelry that is custom-fit & custom-picked for you.


We believe everyone deserves a little luxury, so the Dainty doors are open to any and all. The only rule? Be ready to feel gorgeous.

Luxury for all

For everyone

Our permanent jewelry is special because it's 14k solid yellow gold. Not filled or plated, so it won't tarnish. And we keep it affordable, too!


14k solid yellow gold

The heart of Dainty is you. We value every soul who comes in our doors, so we ensure that you leave feeling loved — and stunning.

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Custom to you

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We're Dainty! Proudly nestled in Colorado, we are a permanent hand-welded jewelry company.

What does that mean? We customize the sizing of 14k solid yellow gold bracelets and fasten them in place without a clasp — so you have a little bit of luxury that comes with you, everywhere you go.

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"I’m not usually a bracelets gal, partly because I’m more minimalistic in my jewelry and also because of my small wrists; I could never find a bracelet that fit. That is, until Dainty. The bracelets by Dainty are, well, dainty and minimalistic, quality solid gold, with multiple chain options… and are custom-fit! My friend and I got our friendship bracelets with Dainty about 2.5 years ago and now not only do we have the most lovely bracelets on our wrists, but we also gained a friend. Knowing Holly has been such a blessing. She is a warm, thoughtful, and kind soul who is full of life and joy. And I’m so grateful to know her and call her my friend. Thank you, Dainty, for the most beautiful bracelets and for your friendship."

Dainty is the reason I wear bracelets.


"Every time I look at my wrist, I'm reminded of my besties & the memories we made while getting our Dainty bracelets. The bracelets are also SO perfect! A jewelry staple that you’re not constantly taking off & putting back on. I’m always wanting to get another! But what truly sets Dainty apart is the owner, Holly. Her kindness is magical, making the entire experience feel uniquely special."

I'm always wanting to get another!


"My permanent jewelry appointment was a delightful experience. Holly took the time to understand my preferences and guided me through all the design options. Her skill and attention to detail were evident throughout the appointment, and my piece was handled with care. She uses quality materials, and I feel confident in the durability and value of my investment. Beyond her craft, Holly actively contributes to our community. From supporting local events to collaborating with other artisans, her commitment to community growth and connection is commendable. If you’re seeking custom jewelry and appreciate a jeweler who gives back, look no further than Dainty!"

Look no further than Dainty!


"I've always wanted a well-made, quality bracelet that I can wear without having to constantly struggle with putting it on with one hand and one that wouldn't tarnish. A bracelet that is beautiful and feels light (and dainty) that I don't even feel it when I'm wearing it. This is exactly what I found with @dainty_denver. And as an added bonus, Dainty Permanent Jewelry is affordable. Also, Holly, the owner, is such a sweet and loving soul. I feel like I gained a friend. She is thoughtful and truly wants her customers to have the best experience. And the pop-ups that Holly does at different locations and businesses gives people an opportunity to visit places they otherwise wouldn't have known about, connecting communities and small businesses they can be a part of and support."

"The owner is such a sweet and loving soul."

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Everybody deserves a little everyday luxury. Come see Dainty for gorgeous permanent jewelry, custom-fit just for you!

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